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Roadie Assist is an organization/productivity tool for gigging musicians. Do you find yourself making the same checklists for gigs and rehearsals over and over? Do you occasionally forget to write down the address or phone number for the venues you play at? Are you often uncertain if the gear you load-up at the end of the night is always the same gear your loaded-in? If so, Roadie Assist is here to help.

Simply supply Roadie Assist with information on each piece of gear. When you create gigs, assign the gear to the gig. And when you start the gig, you’re able to use the app’s load-in/load-out checklist feature to make sure you’ve accounted for everything. If anything goes missing, the app will also let you keep track of the lost items.

With Roadie Assist’s template feature, you’re able to create gear list templates for shows. For example, say you’re a guitarist who has different setup for acoustic-only and full blown electric shows. Using templates, you’re able to create a predefined list of gear. And then when you enter in new gig information, you’re able to auto-select gear for use from the template saving you some time.

Supply the address, contact email, and contact phone number for your venue when entering gig information and, for devices with supported features, you’ll be able to navigate to, email, or call the venue with the touch of a finger.

If you purchase Roadie Assist, thank you. I couldn’t continue to update Roadie Assist without your support. And please, please, please report any bugs to me. I’ll fix them as soon as I can. I also appreciate all comments and suggestions. I’m a musician too. So any ideas you have for Roadie Assist that will make my life easier are welcome indeed.


  • WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE – This is currently only used so that Roadie Assist can create thumbnails for gig and gear images.
  • INTERNET – This permission is only needed so that Roadie Assist can perform a venue address lookup if the user tries to navigate within the application. No other network communication occurs.

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